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What was Hackney House Austin '14?  We transformed a derelict 7,000 sq ft space in downtown Austin to host a festival of interactivity from some of world’s most innovative creative tech businesses.

Hackney House Austin popped-up for four days, from 7-10 March, during the South by Southwest interactive festival in 2014. Inside we had a micronism of East London's creativity including global leaders, start-up enterprises and everything in between, looking to show, share and discuss ideas.

Mostly, the festival was dedicated to writing about tech businesses. To make it possible, we gathered a few dozens of professional freelance writers at Hackney, London to share their experience and promote their ideas. Each essay writer had an opportunity to speak up and tell about their research methods, approaches to writing, and brainstorming peculiarities. 

We did it because doing research about technology and then writing about it is some of the toughest tasks for modern students, especially freshmen and sophomores. Our hackney house invited speakers told us why it is so. 

The need to be precise

First of all, when writing on a technical topic, be it some business or a manual for washing machines, the writer should be precise. You cannot write in a too informative manner or add unnecessary idioms and phrases to your text. The task of the writer is to educate its readers, help them to understand the mission of a certain company or the functioning principle of a certain mechanism. Therefore, young writers have to concentrate on the main point of their writing instead of sophisticated formulations of their text. 

To make it possible, our invited writers from the university essay writing services in the UK recommend omitting unnecessary phrases and expressions when writing on a tech topic. Write to express, not to impress, and your readers will thank you.

Ability to understand complex data

The next thing professional paper writers should be able to do is comprehend the topic of their writing. The technical sphere is not easy for everyone, while the audience of your text is likely to be wide. To meet its needs, you need to write in simple words and short constructions so that even a child could see the point in your text. 

Also, you never know whether your audience has any technical background. Imagine, that your guide will be read by a person who never studied VR Computer Science or Engineering. Will they be able to understand what you are writing about and make use of your manual? Reread your text once again and revise the parts that are meaningless to average people. Substitute technical terms with more common words and you’ll see that your text looks much better.

The need to trace grammar

Surely, any writer should be literate and flawless in their expressions. However, when writing on a technical topic, grammar and spelling must be followed with extreme precision. If a writer fails to express themselves clearly, without run-on sentences, dull constructions, and poorly chosen words, they will not be successful in persuading their audience. Hence, correcting your grammar, punctuation, and spelling is a must before submitting your piece of writing to your instructor or editor. 

How to do that? There are two ways to become a more literate tech writer: first, refresh grammar rules in your mind from time to time. There is no surprise that you cannot remember everything that you learned at your school English classes, but still, keeping the necessary grammar constructions in your mind is possible. 

Second, use online tools to improve your writing. Sources similar to Grammarly or Scribens will help you to find the common mistakes and correct them. 

Having a talent for design

Finally, successful technical writing is impossible without proper knowledge of the text formatting. Your narrative should always look attractive - contain bullet and numbered lists, ordered paragraphs, united font size and style, etc. - to make the readers like it. No fancy or colored design is needed unless it is required by your instructor or boss. The minimalistic text arrangement that allows the audience to grasp its main idea, and skim through the text easily will be enough. 

Building the courage to revise

Finally, a writer should not be afraid of improving their writing. Do not hope for creating a perfect piece from the first attempt: even experienced writers can do that. Instead, leave yourself some time to rest after you completed your first draft and then go back to it to make corrections. 

The common trap you may fall into when editing your text is the desire to make it perfect. Do not aim for that. Remember, the perfect is the enemy of the good, so why try to surpass yourself? 

As you can see, a lot of hands-on tips were given at the Golden hearts business venture in 2014. Did you find them useful? Do not hesitate to join our conference next time to get even more invaluable knowledge of the technology world.

The Hackney team put together a programme of DESIGN, MAKE and PLACE themed days over the next four days including game-changing talks, inspiring debates, hands-on workshops and iconic evening mixers.


To see how it all went have a look at at @hackneyhouse14 #HHA14.  And check out the fantastic daily videos from Tech City News (below)

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